Munich area

After leaving the Mosel area, the five of us will travel by train towards Munich. Want to switch from wine to beer. Should we use Munich as our base. We want to go to Dachau. Also want to go down towards the alps. Would you recommend staying at Berchtesgaden or Salszburg or should we stick with staying in Munich as a base. We'll be in this area 3-4 days and will be travelling by train. Thanks so much for all your knowledge.

Posted by Tom
Hüttenfeld, Hessen, Germany
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Well of course, there's regional beer everywhere in Germany, but that's besides the point... If visiting the Alps south of Munich, I would stay in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, and stay there at least two nights, if not three. Nearby Ehrwald in Austria would also be a good choice.

Posted by Diane
Westford, MA, USA
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You'll need 3 nights for Munich if you want the side trip to Dachau and a day for Munich. Your arrival day will add up to 3 nights. I don't see you going to Dachau on your way to Munich due to the time and route needed for that. Then add 2 nights for Garmisch area which is more direct & less time consuming than getting to Berchtesgaden. Think of your travel like this: 3N = 2 full days; 2N = 1 full day.
A travel day means packing, chekcing out, travel transfers to new lodging base. Factoring in this time gives you a more relaistic view of how much actual time you have to explore. Are you departing for home from Munich?

Posted by Sue
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No, after leaving the Munich area, we will be heading to Italy and tour the Tuscany area. We may do a couple of days in Luzerne Switzerland, but haven't finalized our plans yet.