Munich and Salzburg

We will be staying in Fussen on a Friday, on Saturday see the castles. That night we arrive in Munich. Our options are then either 1. Sunday see places in Munich, then travel to Salzburg. Stay Sunday night in Salzburg and monday morning see Eagle's Nest and some of Salzburg. Return to Munich for Monday night. We have a flight out of Munich around noon on Tuesday. OR... 2. Sunday see places in Munich. Stay Sunday night in Munich. Monday take a day trip to Salzburg and Eagle's Nest, then return to Munich for Monday night. Flight out of Munich Tuesday. I'm just trying to figure out what will be most convenient and also maximize the limited time we have. We are travelling by trains and busses. Suggestions?

Posted by Kent
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Option 1 only gives you part of one day to actually see Munich and that is just not enough time. Therefore, option 2 (though it's also rushed) seems preferable.

Posted by Kristina
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Another question- Is it possible to take a day trip to Salzburg (from Munich) and do the Sound of Music tour and go to Bertchesgaden and Eagle's Nest (then back to Munich)? Has anyone done this?

Posted by Reg Dunlop
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I've done both the SOM and Eagle's Nest. The SOM tour was about a half day. Eagle's Nest was pretty much a full day. I wouldn't try both. I thought the Eagle's nest was more enjoyable and educational. My 2 cents.

Posted by Susan
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On hindsight I wish I had spent a night in Fussen...good for you! But I went to Munich and Salzburg,and honestly Salzburg won my heart! We drove and Munich was a pain..We did go to the U-bahn, & when I went to get a pass on the machine it ATE my credit card-I had to wait an hour for, I got out of there like a bullet and walked and drove! A word of caution, Sundays things close down! Restaurants and most tourist sites like museums etc are open...but if you go to the beer house Hofbrauhaus in Munich (everyone goes there it seems and I still liked it even if it was tourisy)...but all the shops in the area were closed and it was dead there at 6PM. Wish I had seen more in Munich and I loved the end of town my hotel was in...but it was too Big city for me (I am from Boston too), but the castle there was great. I loved Salzburg...we stayed in a hotel in the old city (the ones across the river looked great too if you don't mind a bit of walking (1/2 mi or more depending on hotel.) Salzburg has a wonderfully organized system where you can get book and get passes for tours and other things - I booked tours thru the hotel, and from there we went to the Eagles Nest and went to a small restaurant for lunch on the German side and came back to Salzburg - tour was great. They had a van pick you up at the hotel at an exact time and brought you to larger comfortable tour bus. So convenient. Being in the old city, when my husband wanted to rest at hotel I just revved up my engine and walked out the door and went to window shop and look around the old city blocks near us for a few hours...things are closer together. It was just a cosier city, and more laid back than Munich, and the fort/castle was within walking distance too....or the funnel to bring you up. I wish I had more time in both....but we changed our final night from a return to Munich (to be near airport) and stayed another night in Salzburg-ate brunch and went to castle and the view! Nice way to end trip

Posted by Susan
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One other thing...the tour to Bertesgarden was 4 hours round trip with the stop for lunch...we left at 9AM..and got back about 1:30 or so...They have the tours booked thru the same place for the Sound of Music tour...check the times for both...If I remember right the SOM tour takes much longer...I am not sure you can fit both in in one day...or would want to, better to relax and explore city after one tour and take other one the next day before you leave the city. I don't think you dan do both on a day trip unless you stay closer to Salzburg (it was 2 hours to middle of Munich/or longer to airport from Salzb.)

Posted by Darla
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I have done both tours and I don't think you could do both in one day. I was staying in Austria and drove to Berchestgarden. We did a morning salt mine tour.(really interesting and fun). We then had lunch in town and met our tour operator at the TI in town. The tour of the Eagles nest was three or four hours. It included the bunkers and a WWII museum. It was very interesting. The SOMT was also enjoyable and we did that from Salzburg. It was a full day (7-8 hours). I love Munich and there are some good walking tours through Munich Walk tours. I like the Third Reich tour and the beer tour. Have a great trip.

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When I took the SOM tour (Bob's Tours) we were picked up around 8:30 at the hotel and the tour itself was done by 1. I guess it could have been longer with more time at the lakes or more time on the luge, but this was about the right amount of time for me.


Posted by Lee
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In 2002 I had a trip to Munich, arrived on a Sunday night, went to Salzburg on Monday but didn't waste my time on the SOM tour - plenty of things to see for free in Salzburg. I came back to Munich for two days of sightseeing on Tuesday and Wednesday, and flew out on Thursday morning.

Unless you just want to add some decals to your luggage, don't bother with Salzburg. There is plenty to see in Munich.