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Munich and other Germany the third week of March

My husband and I spontaneously decided to travel to Germany over the third week in March. We have a friend who is studying there and will allow us to spend a few nights at her apartment. However, we're also looking at traveling to possibly Dresden (which I visited once and loved) and Lucerne, Switzerland (which my husband visited once and loved). I realize that these are in almost opposite directions, and therein lies the problem. We're trying to get by as cheaply as possible. Any suggestions about how to travel cheaply? We scoured the DB Bahn website and could only get to and from Dresden for about 120 EURO. I can't get an exact price quote from Munich to Lucerne, though. Rail Europe priced 6 days for unlimited German travel at 432 DOLLARS and 8 days for unlimited German and Swiss travel at 740 DOLLARS. Eurail priced 8 days of unlimited German and Swiss travel at 459 DOLLARS. I also know that we could travel using a ride sharing service. Does anyone else have suggestions of other, cheaper ways to travel? My husband is 24, I'm 23, so I think cheaply renting a car is out (aside from the fact that we don't want that much responsibility/pressure).

Also, do you have any fun things to see or do in Munich (and possibly on the way to Dresden or Lucerne)? Thanks for all your help!

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From Munich Hbf to Dresden only takes about an hour longer by regional trains than it does by express (ICE/IC). Using regional trains and a Bayern-Ticket and a Sachsen-Ticket, each at €28 per day for up to 5 people, both of you can go from Munich to Dresden and back on separate days for €112, total.

You have probably waited too long, but you still might find Dauer-Spezial-Tickets from Munich to Dresden or Dresden to Munich at €29 per person, €116 total, rt for two, on express trains.

I did find some Europa-Spezial Schweiz tickets available during that week for €39 per person each way (€156 for two, round trip).

As for the rest of your travel. A railpass only covers travel in Munich MVV on S-Bahns. Any other modes (U-Bahn, streetcar, buses) would be additional. However, for €18, you can get a pass for both of you for unlimited travel on all modes for a day for the entire MVV district.

For travel outside of Munich, but still in Bavaria, such as to Füssen or to Salzburg, you can use a €28 Bayern-Ticket valid for unlimited travel all day (after 9 AM workdays) on regional train in Bavaria.

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Just to give you a little more on Munich:

If you have a hotel in the inner zone of the MVV (almost all are), and if what you want to see is in the inner zone (almost everything except Dachau is), then all you need for up to five people, for unlimited us of all modes of transport for the day, is an Innenzone Partner Tageskarte for €9. For €11,80, you can buy a Munich XXL Partner Tageskarte, which includes unlimited travel for the two inner zones, which includes Dachau.