Moulin Rouge

Have read many pro and con reviews about the Moulin Rouge. Was hoping for some input on this forum. Thanks!

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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If you put that term into the search box at the top of the page you will find several discussions here about it, almost all "con". But, if you want to spend lots of money for very overpriced very poor food and a crowd consisting of no French people, for a quick peek at boobs and feathers on non French actresses, go for it if it ticks a box.

Posted by Karen
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We were taken to Moulin Rouge 2 years ago and very much enjoyed the show. Besides the dancing girls there were some variety acts like a ventriloquist who used the audience members as his puppets-funny in any language! We had a great time and half the meals were deemed adequate. The wine was better...Having said that, we were treated to this show and I understand it was quite expensive so you'd have to makeup your mind as to the value of this experience.

Posted by pat
victoria, Canada
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What Nigel said.. exactly correct. Sorry I have never heard anyone( beofore) call the food anything but overpriced and mediocre at very best.. and so if you really want to see show , sure go for it , but choose the non meal option and eat somewhere else before or after.

Posted by Bruce
Whitefish, Montana
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The show costs anywhere from 99€ (no food/drink) to 210€ per person. For a couple that's about $260 to $546. For that amount of money, a nice dinner could be a very worthwhile and memorable alternative.

Posted by Ed
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$546 = a. Seven days in Scotland b. Eleven days in China c. Thirteen days in Tunisia, Chile, or Lebanon d. an afternoon in Switzerland Not a bad trade-off if you've never seen boobs, talking boobs, or a boob and his money soon separated.