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Mougins, France

Can you please suggest a place to stay in Mougins, France? Can you also suggest an easy way to visit Switzerland in only 4 days from Mougins? My daughter will be studying ballet in Mougins this summer, and we need a place to stay while she is there. She would also like to visit Switzerland on a 4 day break. It would be okay to fly from Nice or to take the train from Canne, but we need to go somewhere that is easy to get to so that we don't spend all of 1 day getting there and all of the last day getting back. Thank you very much.

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I have never been to Mougins, but from your post it sounds as though time is more critical than money, so i would look into flights to whatever prt of Switzerland you want to visit. Try the airport in Nice.

On the other hand I think one could have a very satisfying visit to either the French or Italian alps, which are closer. Good luck!