Mostly Spain or So France too?

Going with teenager and husband to Spain. We have about 15 days. I've always wanted to see Southern France - Avignon, especially. But, there is so much to see in Spain. So - save So. France for another trip or spend less time in Spain? Also - for sure want to get to Barcelona, Madrid, Granada and Seville - plus take a one day ferry to Africa. What destination in Africa does anyone suggest and would also love to spend at least one day in location in the Pyrennes - any suggestions on that? And, should we move between hotels in So. Spain or stay in one location and make that our home base? Thanks!

Posted by Adam
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To be or not to be So - save So. France for another trip or spend less time in Spain? That is the question. And really, it's a personal choice. You can see some of Spain and some of France if you split the time and fly home from Marseilles or even Paris (the airport is just 2-1/2 hours from Avignon by train). But you would surely have to forgo some of your Spanish stuff to do it. Like all things a trade-off. It's up to you.

Posted by Andrea
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You will be pushing it to see the places in Spain you mentioned plus a daytrip to Africa. You don't have time to add France in my opinion. Save it for another trip to do it justice. Remember that two nights in a place is only one full day, and it takes time to move from one location to the next. Allow a minimum of half a day to check out of your hotel, get to the train station, get to your next city, and find and check into your next hotel.

Posted by Lola
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This is a wonderful country to visit. We did it last year, visiting Barcelona,,Toledo, Sevilla, Granada and Madrid. Pretty much what you want to do, without Africa. You will need another base on the coast to take the ferry over to Morocco. Someone else can help you with that. You don't have time for Avignon, in my opinion; you would be short changing both Spainnand Avignon. Fly in to Barcelona and out of Madrid ( or vice versa) to avoid backtracking. You will need to stay in both Sevilla and Granada, as one is not really a daytrip from the other. Each is worth 2 nights or better yet, three. You can get into the Pyrenees from Barcelona as you are very close. The tour companybSpanishTrails does daytrips to the Pyrenees from both Barcelona and Girona. Or better yet, rent a car in Girona (an easy train ride from Barcelona) and drive yourselves,,spending a night in a village in the mountains. apart from that, best travel by train. Barcelona, Madrid, and Sevilla are linked by the high speed AVE train. ( you can also get to the coast at Malaga). You can get 60% off the tickets by buying 60 days in advance. Granada is a slower train but still a nice journey.

Posted by Paula
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Thanks for these suggestions - we are only going to Spain now. What do you suggest for a town to stay in in Southern Spain as a home base? A compromise location to get to Seville, Granada and coast. Thanks again!

Posted by Lola
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I suggest you stay in each one ( Sevilla and Granada) rather than try to find a compromise location between them. Each one is different, with its own compelling sights and reasons to be there. If you stay elsewhere and daytrip in, you will miss the night scene, which has its own flavor and is half the point of going to these places. A night visit to the Alhambra is unforgettable, as is seeing the Sevilla Giralda lit up at night.