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Most appropriate metro/RER pass for Paris?

I was hoping for some advice on which pass to get under my circumstances. I am thinking about getting a 2 day pass, but am a bit confused by the Mobilis and the Paris Visite passes. On my first day, I will be arriving at CDG, traveling to Gare Montparnasse which is the area I'm staying in, and then going from Gare Montparnasse to Versailles and back. On day 2, I'll do a bit of sightseeing (perhaps short metro trips) and have a flight out of Orly that night. Given the amount of potential public transportation travel, I have a feeling a zone 1-5 pass would be best - what would you recommend? The RER/RATP/SNCF maps confused me a bit too - the map shows Gare Montparnasse in silver but it's not a main line, so I'm not even sure if this is a main metro stop or if I'd need to make connections to get to other sites in Paris and Versailles (the legend is in French so I can't make out what the silver part means). I was also looking to see if it made more sense monetarily to use the Air France shuttle that goes to Gare Montparnasse and buy individual tickets to get to and from Versailles. Under the circumstances, is there a pass you would recommend? Thank you!

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when you first buy a train ticket from cdg to paris, the ticket is also good to ride metro. so that one ticket will get you to the hotel.

ticket to versailles and back are more expensive than metro, so that's 2 tickets you need to buy seperately. but these tickets works for metro also, and they're not that expensive.

for the rest you need to figure out how many metro tickets you need in 2 days, depending on how much you want to walk. metro is cheap and fast.

it's cheaper to train from cdg to paris but likely you'll change at least once at gare de nord but if you have small bags you'll be ok.