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Montmartre Restaurant

I am going to be in Paris in June, staying in Montmartre. Can anyone recommend a restaurant in Montmartre, one that isn't too expensive? I will eat virtually anything, so I would like to try some traditional French food - and I LOVE escargot. Thanks so much!!

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Here's something to consider...


If this one isn't for you, try going to on your Internet and with the site set on WEB, type into the search box "Restaurant Montmartre, Paris". You'll get several more possibilities to consider.

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There is a law in France that menu and prices need to be posted on the outside. I would say the best part of being in Paris is to wander the streets reading the menus. Choose the menu that catches you eye for the mood you are in.

Keep in mind that Montmartre is a very toursity, and upper scale neighborhood. Many restaurants there will cater to tourists looking for authentic dining. There are also many tucked away expensive and chic places.

You will have good luck wandering through more middle class neighborhoods or around state buildings. Depending on what you call traditional food. Try going to your bookstore and in the food section looking up some books on bistros etc... These will list or talk about some real classics.

Keep in mind that escargot is a Burgandy specialty, and pretty hard to find except in hard core buchons or "touristy bistros"

Don't forget about ethnic food. Best chinese and middle eastern ever was in Paris.

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Thanks very much for your suggestions!

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Follow Rick's walking tour and try La Maison Rose Restaurant. Not fancy but good and very relaxing. I don't know whether they serve escargot.

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There is a beautiful thing about Paris that Montmartre gives you an opportunity to explore. The streets there are fabulous to walk and explore. You will find that there are restaurants all around.

One of my favorite things to do is to wander about, and peek at the menus during the day and get an idea of which places is most appealing. The more you are able to get off the main streets, the more likely you are to find less expensive and better food typically. Take a coffee, watch the locals.

One specific recommendation is Bistro-Cave des Envierges on rue des Envierges, 75020 (20th arrondissement) Metro Pyrenees

This is a typical French bistro - to me this restaurant takes me back and I usually think Edith Pilaf will come by at any moment. This bistro is a sample of a turn of the century wine bar-cafe - minimal frills but excellent food. Note that the adjoining cave (wine seller) is fabulous.

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Another addition to guides - Paris has its own Zagats Survey - only a few years old now. It is always worth a look. I find it to be a great source for comparison. It is available in English from Amazon. The 2007/2008 issue is available.