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Mont St. Michel

Where to stay in Mont St. Michel for 1 evening in mid september?

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check out hotel reviews.. I use them all the time to book all my stays. Read all reviews carefully and go with general feeling( in other words ignore ones that seem too good or too bad, LOL) .

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We stayed at La Mere Poulard. Our room was very nice but the best part is you get to go to the front of the parking lot if you are an overnight guest. Ths parking lot is also the best spot for a picture of Mont St-Michel. Try to arrive late in the afternoon after all the tourist buses have gone. You can walk the ramparts at dusk and have the Mont all to yourselves. The salt marshes are beautiful and watching the tide come in is mesmerizing. Get up early and be at the abbey doors at 9:00. Tour the church and abbey with audio guide. Purchase any souviners at the top of the Mont. Prices go up as you walk down, probably because no one wants to walk back up the steep street for a few euros but a little St. Michel trinket at the top was 4 euro, at the shop near the exit gate the same item was 13 euro. Later at night and early in the morning food is hard to find. This place caters to the daytime tourist crowd. Leave before noon as all the buses are unloading.