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Mont Saint Michel - France

Looking for a hotel recommendation right on the Mont - I realize rates are high if you stay right there but are there any there that are reasonable?

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S.M. Noland,

If you want to say on the mont, i would expect expensive rates. but i would love every minute of it since i know of no other place like it. Also, when i make it back there, i will be looking to stay on the mont too.

Its like when i took my dad on a ride on a B17. It was expensive, but you know what. How long do you think it will before there wont be anymore flying around. Sometimes you have to pay and enjoy.

happy trails.

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I agree with Ray. Been too long for me to recommend a place but the money is well worth it. As Ray said, there is no other place like MSM and the best time to be there is before noon and after 5. So staying there is ideal and a wonderful experience that you can't have anywhere else. I recommend you ask this question on as well as here.

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If you look in Rick's France book where he speaks about places to stay on the Mont, there is a "cheap" place listed. I can't remember what it's called unfortunately. I stayed there one night and it included breakfast. It wasn't huge, but was FANTASTIC to stay on the mont. A very special experience. It was about 65-70 euros summer of 2012.

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Les Terrasses Poulard is my recommendation - I don't recall it being too expensive. Well worth staying overnight on the Mont. It's one of the sights that I've crossed off my bucket list. One thing - if you're staying the night, make sure that you have a reservation. We made that mistake and were almost out of luck.

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We stayed in October at Le Relais du Roy, one of the hotels at the end of the causeway -- didn't have the "charm" of being on the Mont, but we did have a great view of the Mont out our window, parked our car right at the hotel and didn't need to carry our bags up a hill, had free shuttle service running until 1 a.m. which we used to take an evening viewing at high tide as well as a quick morning trip to say au revoir. Easy flat walk to the Mont (but the shuttle back was welcome) and we were able to be there after the day-trippers left,