Mobile phone store at Lisbon Airport?

Hello. I was hoping to buy a cheap GSM dual-band phone for travel in Portugal and Spain. Does anyone know if there's a Vodaphone store at the Lisbon Airport? or another reliable carrier? Any idea what the cheapest phones there would cost me? Many thanks,

Posted by Carol
Martinez, CA, USA
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There is a Vodafone store in the Lisbon airport. We bought a SIM card at the airport last year but don't remember if it was from Vodafone of possibly another store. Don't know the price of the phones. A couple of years ago we bought an inexpensive used unlocked quad-band phone. We then bought a SIM card from TMobile to be sure the phone worked and to use as our second cell phone at home. Then when we arrive in a different country we only need to buy a SIM card which is usually inexpensive and comes with some minutes on it. Additional minutes can be purchased as needed. This arrangement works well for us and is one way to handle cell phones for travel.