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mobile phone in Germany, Austria, Switzerland,Czech Rep

My wireless provider, Verizon, doesn't have any good options for me. I would like to get a wireless phone in case of problems while driving in those countries.

Can I rent a phone over there? I fly into Germany first. How much does it cost? How do I return it, since we will be flying out of a different city.

Is there a US company that rents international phones?
We need it for about a month.

Any ideas?

Thank you

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My suggestions: Find a cheap, probably used GSM 900 or GSM 1800 phone on eBay, Craigslist etc. What you'll most likely get is a dual band or tri-band anyway. Then get a travel SIM from or alike - or buy a prepaid SIM card once you are in Germany. But those prepaid ones usually give you excellent rates on domestic calls but charge a lot to call the States...