is it doable to have this itinerary for 10days? from Dublin we will be flying in to Milan and spend like 2 Days and take the train to Zurich for 3 Days and move on to Munich for another 3 days (is it possible to do a day trip to Salzburg?) then the rest of the trip will be in Vienna and then back to Dublin Milan - 2days Zurich - 3days Munich - 3days
Vienna - 2days and how is the weather in May in these places? and you have any suggestions the places we should visit? thank you

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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You can certainly stop in Salzburg on the way from Munich to Vienna. However in my opinion Salzburg is too beautiful for just a few hours. Do you need to be in Zurich for 3 days? How about cutting it down to 2 and spend 1 night in Salzburg instead? Personally I would rather do Zurich in 1 day and Salzburg in 2 (but that's my opinion of course). You are also covering a lot of ground in a short time. I would concentrate only on a couple of countries rather than four. But if flights are already set, I would at least give Salzburg a chance. I even think it's more beautiful than all other cities in your itinerary, or at least on the top two with Vienna (Ok, ok! Munich is nice too). May should be the greatest time of the year.

Posted by Mark
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The weather should be fine. I think I would stay in Luzern instead of Zurich (unless you have specific things you plan to do in Zurich). You could also consider an alpine resort for a change in pace and scenery.

Posted by nannette
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thank you for the replies... i just checked from ZURICH TO MUNICH 6-9hrs? we might just skip Munich and just go straight to Salzburg. any suggestion on buying train tickets? is it better to do point to point?