Meeting someone at CDG

My daughter and I are meeting in Paris - I am flying American and she is flying Air France. I believe she will be arriving Terminal 2E and I will be arriving 2A. Her flight lands an hour earlier. Since we both need to clear customs, will we be exiting customs in approximately the same area or does each terminal have its own customs clearing station. Any suggestions on where to meet? I think we will take the bus to the Opera area afterwards. Thank you (merci).

Posted by Ed
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Separate and at opposite end of the Terminal 2 complex. Have the first one goof off then meet the last one right where they come out of the restricted area - - there'll be the usual bunch of drivers waiting around with people's names on signs. Squish in there. Finding a common meeting spot is easy enough but it wastes time when you have to gather your junk, go to the bathroom, etc. Even more time is lost when Person Last has to walk to the meeting spot instead of heading straight to the bus/train/whatever.

Posted by Tim
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Although your daughter is scheduled to arrive first, if her plane is late you may beat her. The Sheraton Hotel is right in the middle of Terminal 2 directly above the TGV/RER station. If you meet in the lobby of the hotel, it won't matter who arrives first and neither one of you will have to walk very far.

Posted by Paula
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The Sheraton Tim suggested is a good idea. Or, there is a small coffee stand outside customs in 2A. If her flight is on time, she could meet you there. Don't recall the name of the coffee stand but
there is only one.

Posted by Suzanne
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Thank you-this is exactly the info I was hoping to get. Merci.