Marais Hotel- Recent favorites?

Does anyone have any favorite hotels in Marais that you would recommend? Budget is under $200/night. Preferably somewhere not too loud from street noise with nice views. Thank you?

Posted by Richard
Los Angeles
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Good luck finding something that meets your criteria. The Marais is popular for clubbing and drinking and especially on the weekends, it can be noisy till the wee hours and we heard the noise from eight floors up. Rooms facing inward were much quieter but we smelled cigarette smoke from the people in the courtyard. It is also a popular trendy area with prices to match and not geographically located for scenic views. Can you see where I am going with this? My next visit won't include a stay in The Marais.

Posted by Bets
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Try the Hotel Castex on the Rue de Castex. It's south of the main throughfare through the area, Rue St. Antoine, and isn't a party scene. Can't say it's a recent favorite, as we stayed there right after they remodeled a few years ago. Liked it then.

Posted by Lani
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A friend also recommended Jeanne d'Arc, and we made a reservation there, but I was reading recent reviews, and it seems that everyone is complaining about lots of noise. Thanks for responding about the noise question. We realize that it's a hip area, which is a big draw for staying there, but are just worried that it may be too noisy.

Posted by Galen
Dallas, United States
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We also stayed at the Hotel Jeanne d'Arc--midweek in September. There was no extreme noise, price was reasonable, room was small, breakfast was oj, croissant, and coffee/tea. Overall we recommend it. Enjoy your trip.

Posted by Brenda
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I got on here because I'm also looking for a one night stay in the Maraise. I stayed at Joan de Arc 2 yrs ago and was terribly disappointed. Despite liking the location, I was put in a terrible room that wasn't even cleaned during my stay of 3 nights. No, I didn't complain and yes, I should have. I can't recommend the hotel but the surrounding restaurants were excellent.

Posted by Sharon
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I'd add that if you decide to stay there you don't have to have breakfast there - many good pastry shops nearby!

Posted by Richard
Los Angeles
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We stayed at Hotel Duo on Rue du Temple (not to be confused with Rue Vieille du Temple which is two blocks over). Clean and modern but the pictures are deceptive as the rooms are small like most hotels in Paris. About $300 a night. My wife insisted we stay there based on a friend's recommendation and stories of Fashion Designers getting arrested nearby. She wishes we stayed in a less crowded area because we really were not there for the nightlife. She also wishes we stuck to Rick Steve's restaurant recommendations because eating at what seemed to be "popular with locals" places always turned out disappointing. Maybe on a longer trip we'd be more inclined to experiment but for a short stay we like a safer bet. Lines out the door at Starbucks during the day and having a hard time walking down crowded streets made me wish we stayed in a quieter area.

Posted by Ann
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We're staying here in early October this year: Hotel Beaubourg It got decent reviews and wasn't too crazy expensive, although I think there's some kind of nightclub across the street, so that might cause it to be noisy. It couldn't be in a better spot, just steps from the Pompidou and really close to the Metro/RER stops.

Posted by Grier
Carmel, IN
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I concur that the Hotel Castex is quiet and I would stay there again. I don't like a lot of street noise either.