Madrid: Hostal Acapulco or Madrid City Rooms

I am trying to choose between these Hostal Acapulco or Madrid City Rooms. They appear to be about the same distance from Puerto del Sol (in opposite directions) and from the Express Bus stop at Plaza de Cibeles. I don't know if there is a reason to pick one location over the other or if one will be easier/cheaper/faster to & from the airport on public transit. HA is at Pza Carmine and MCR (at Cruz 6) is right by Cruz - Pza Canalejas. I would appreciate any experiences or thoughts about these accommodations/the better choice in your view. HA is 10-15 euros more. MCR was recently refub'ed and I have spoken with someone who gave a great review. It doesn't have an elevator and there are about 50 steps but I was told someone would help with luggage if I needed. Thanks for any help. I've never been to Madrid and this is a serendipitous 22 hour flight layover and I hope to make as much of it as I can! :-)

Posted by LaVee
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In particular, if anyone who has been to Spain and knows the areas has an opinion as to whether one is in a better location for a single woman traveling alone I would really appreciate your input. Thanks!