Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia

Hi, We are planning a 20th wedding anniversary trip to Spain in September 2013 for two weeks. We would like to go to Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. We would love any suggestions on great itineraries regarding how many days/nights we should allow for each city. Also, any and all recommendations of places to visit and eat! Thanks so much,

Posted by Stephen
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I visited Madrid and Barcelona July 2012. We spent 3 nights in each location (went to France as well). In Madrid, we stayed at the Hotel Europa on Plaza Del Sol. Great location and hotel. Lots to do within walking distance. We went to the Prado museum and the palace among other places. We took a day trip to Toledo. If we had more time, I would have done a day trip to Segovia and the Valley of the Fallen. Next time. In Barcelona, we saw Segrada Familia and the Olympic Venue and toured the entire city on the HoHo bus. There are 2 different companies that do those tours. We actually got to attend the Spain - USA basketball exhibition game just before the Olympics. My son loved that! The beach was decent there as well. I suggest trying to take a train ride to a nearby beach town for the day. Lots of choices and local art. I prefer Madrid over Barcelona but that's just a matter of personal preference. With 2 weeks, you will probably want to spend more time in each city and try to hit the north of Spain as well if you can. I haven't been to Valencia, so I can't offer any advice. The biggest thing for me is to minimize changing hotels. If you can base out of each of 3 cities for the 2 weeks, you will feel more relaxed and enjoy it more. Hope you enjoy the trip!

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I have not been to Valencia but based on what I know, it is a 2-3 night stay at most. Madrid can be up to a week since there are so many day trip possibilities. Or better is to spend a couple nights in Toledo rather than just doing it as a daytrip. 1-2 nights in Toledo is plenty depending on your personal interests. Barcelona is 3-4 nights, more if you like just hanging out on the beach or want to take a couple daytrips. I suggest reviewing guidebooks on those areas and cities and figuinr gout what most interests you first. Then come back with specific questions. It's a lot easier for us to help on specifics than try and guess what your personal tastes and budgets are. Overall, 2 weeks in those three cities will be a great, relaxing trip that isn't too rushed.

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Hi, Thanks so much for all the valuable information! I really appreciate all the tips and will take them into account when making my reservations.

Posted by Ed
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Madrid = 4 Barcelona = 2 Valencia = 1 Multiply each of these factors times X and you'll pretty well have your days apportioned.