Luxembourg this weekend!!

Hi, my husband has to travel to LUX for business and I am tagging along...we have a few days at the end of our trip to do what we want and would like suggestions as to where/how to go....I would absolutely LOVE to go Barcelona, but am leary of the logistics of it all, and cost. We could do France, or Brussels, but we both are not as jazzed about that. Neither of us have ever been to Spain, and we really would like to try and make it it possible? Or is there somewhere else that we have over looked (I am sure we have)
Any suggestions are welcome!

Posted by Harold
New York, NY, USA
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To find flights within Europe, use Skyscanner. Only you can determine if the cost of flights from LUX to Barcelona (or anywhere else) is too high for you. What have you overlooked? Germany and the Netherlands are the other countries close to Luxembourg. I haven't been to Trier (a very historic German city close to LUX), but I always see raves about it. I loved Nancy (a French city not far from LUX) and Metz (in France, even closer to LUX) looks interesting too. To find train routes in Europe, it's easy to use The Bahn website, but it won't have prices for routes totally outside of Germany. The site for international tickets on Luxembourg rail is here, but I see it is only in French or German; you can use if necessary. Since you are looking at last minute train tickets, these can be pricey on certain routes too. On a short trip, you have to be very careful of travel times, and don't plan on getting back to LUX too close to your intercontinental flight back to the US. If you are on separate tickets, and miss your flight back home, you forfeit it and will have to buy a new, last minute, full fare ticket home.

Posted by Brendon
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I reccomend driving along the Mosel in Geramny, I did that in June. That was one of the hilights of our trip. We went to Bernkastel-Kues, Trier, Cochem and Monschau. Gorgeous medevial cities.