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We are going to be in Belgium for the holidays and would like to visit Luxembourg around Dec 27. We are doing all our travel by train. We are looking for itineraries as well as recommended tour information of the region - either guides and/or tour companies that conduct tours from Luxembourg City. Thanks!

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How long do you plan to be in Luxembourg? Do you want to stay in the city or visit other parts of the country?

You can easily tour Lux City by yourself in a day or so, esp. if you spend the night there. The city center is walkable and there's plenty to do - the casemates and the fortress; Cathedral of the Blessed Virgin; the Museum of Modern Art (outside the city so you'd need to take a bus or taxi); shopping; checking out the Ville Basse (Lower City) and Ville Haute (Upper City).

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Part of the casements just closed for the winter when i was there. But the other part was open.

Happy trails.

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Thank you all for your responses. We are thinking of staying and touring Luxembourg city one day and then heading out to the surrounding region to explore it the following day. We are interested in nature, culture, architecture, history, etc. We were hoping to do so by either train or bus. So if you have ideas of tours or must see places outside the city that would be great. Thanks to all!

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We're looking at Luxembourg, too, for September 2014. There's a good WWII museum in Diekirch (30 minutes by bus from Lux City).

There is also a wine route in the Moselle Valley but I'm not sure if it's accessible via public transportation.

Your hotel might be able to give you some information in advance regarding tours. If you find something good, I would appreciate if you'd share via a trip report when you're back, or PM. Thanks!

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Hello Charlene,
We also have the added issue of the time of year - 27th and/or 28th of December. So I am wondering about accessibility of surrounding regions during this time. In any case, I shall let you know what we end up doing. Thanks for your post.