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We have an opportunity to stop in Luxembourg city for 3-4 hours on our way from Brugge to Bacharach, Germany next summer. I have never heard anything about it, I just figured, it's on our way...why not say you've been there? I was curious if anyone knows the city. Is it a worthy tourist stop, or just another garden variety small-mid size city? Is there a cute small town outside the city that woud be a better check-Luxembourg-off-my-list destination?

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Luxembourg City is worth a quick visit mainly because of the unique construction of the city... the older section of town sort of spills over the side of a cliff into a ravine. For a typical tourist, though, there isn't that much of interest.

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There's a hop-on, hop off bus that does it's entire loop in around an hour.(And sometimes the sightseeing "train." (Not really a traim but a tram meant to look like one.) You'll get a mini-tour of the city and still have time to sit at a cafe and have a cup of coffee.

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If you're driving, stop in Trier instead. Billed as one of the oldest cities in Europe, it's worth a couple of days. You'd remember it even if you were there only a few hours. Lux City will disappear from your mind once it's in the rear view mirror. Went there once after passing it by for years, best thing there was a bad meal.

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I agree with Ed.

I spent 3-4 hours in Luxembourg and all that I remember is a bridge.

I spent 3-4 hours in Trier and two days on another trip to Germany. If you have only a short time in Trier, you may want to take the double decker bus tour. Otherwise, everything is in walking distance from the gate.

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Trier is a good recommendation…we visited the essentials in a single afternoon before departing for St. Goar. The only place we stopped in Luxembourg was a rest stop for diesel and a sandwich. I will say that I recall seeing a program on TV once about Luxembourg City and thought it looked worthy of a quick visit. I believe Patton’s grave is located there.

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Thanks for the replies so far. They have been very helpful. I did some reading about Trier and it's good to get positive feedback about that. It makes it more likely that we will stop there on our way. I would still hate to just drive/train through Luxembourg without stopping and walking around a bit, but there is only so much time...

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Randy, if you want to stop and walk around a bit in Luxembourg, then do it. Why pass up the chance when you're there even if others have said there's nothing memorable about it? It's YOUR trip. There might be "better" places, but if you'd regret not stopping, then stop.