Lutherhaus in Eisenach and Wittenberg

I'm asking for feedback from anyone who may have visited one or both of these locations. I will be visiting both Eisenach and Wittenberg. Luther lived in both towns and each has a museum-house devoted to him. How do the houses compare? Thanks for your thoughts.

Posted by Fred
San Francisco
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Hi, This isn't exactly pertaining to your question. You can do Lutherstadt Wittenberg easily as a day trip r/t from Berlin.

Posted by Anita
Philadelphia, PA, USA
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I realize that it is an easy day trip from Berlin, but when my husband and I travel, we enjoy a combination of city and small town stays. So, has anyone out there visited either Lutherhaus?

Posted by Carla
Lafayette, CO, US
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We visited Wittenberg last September and were really impressed with the Lutherhaus - we came away with an intense appreciation for Martin Luther ! We took the time to wander and read each story/article. But we did not make it to Eisenach ! Anyone else ??

Posted by Martin
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The Lutherhaus in Eisenach isn't that interesting, since he spent only a few years in his youth there. The building itself is quite beautiful, but the museum doesn't show many interesting exhibits. Wartburg castle however, where he translated the bible, is impressive and shouldn't be missed.