Luggage wrapping service at FRA

I was on the Frankfurt Airport website and noticed that they offer a service to shrink wrap luggage before a flight. Has anyone tried this? Just wondering if it would make a duffle bag full of clothes more "secure" (bag doesn't have a way to lock it). Thanks.

Posted by Ms. Jo
Frankfurt, Germany
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It uses a ton of plastic wrap. Every time I watch them wrapping someones suitcase I think truly, there must be a better way to do keep bags dry, secure, etc. then using 50 meters of saran wrap. If all you have in your bag is clothing, why do you want to go for the extra expense of getting it wrapped? No one is going to steal your clothes. I never lock my suitcases either.

Posted by Loreen
Sussex, WI, United States
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Thanks, Jo. I thought that might be the case (a lot of plastic wrap). You're right about no one wanting my clothes, too! I'll skip the "wrap job".

Posted by George
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The shrink-wrapping is before check-in, and if / when the bag is scanned after check-in and something doesn't look right to security, the wrapping will be cut off. I have used snap ties to keep the zippers from opening and have had them cut with a note inside my bag saying that the bag was inspected.