Luggage in trains in Italy

I have been to Italy before but that time my friend lived there and i traveled in his car everywhere. Now, i will be taking intercity trains and local trains within cities. I believe you can store your big bags at the end of the car in intercity trains but how about the local trains? Do trains that run within cities have luggage racks at the end of the car for storing big bags? If not, what are my options for carrying my big bag which will not fit in overhead compartment? should i take a cab from airport/train station to the hotel and vice versa? Also, how safe is it to leave your luggage at those luggage racks at the end of the car in intercity trains and local trains ( if they have these luggage racks)? Thanks in Advance

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Alex, On the Intercity trains ( Freccia or other), luggage storage may vary slightly depending on whether the car has an "open" layout or compartments. With an open car, you can store larger items in the luggage rack. If the car is lightly loaded, you should be able to lay it on the floor by your seat. Smaller items can be placed on the rack over the seat. On cars with compartments, I normally keep my Pack on the floor in the compartment or on the luggage rack above the seat, and place my Daypack on the seat beside me unless the compartment is fully occupied. Regarding the "safety aspect" of using the luggage racks, I've found them to be safe so far but it's a good idea to monitor the bags, especially when in stations or just before arrival at a station. You may find it helpful to have a look at THIS excellent website, as it should answer a lot of your questions. Regarding "trains that run within cities", I assume you're referring to something like the Metro. You probably won't be travelling often on that with luggage, but just keep it with you on the floor or whatever (and watch it very closely!). It's difficult to provide advice on the best way to get from the airport to the city, without knowing which city you're referring to. Some additional information would be helpful. Cheers!

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Thanks for your response I will have a 28inch bag and My itinerary is: Arrive via flight in Rome at 6:30PM ON 1st Dec - Catch a train/metro/subway from Rome airport to Rome central station and from there leave for Florence 3rd -Florence to Vincenz 5th - Vicenza to Milan 8th - Milan to Florence and from there to a small town by car(Company people will pick me at Florence station)
9th - From this small town to Rome Airport in Car and fly back from FCO In each town i will be staying near the central station and so i guess all my journeys with luggage will be intercity except when i will have to get to Rome central Station from Rome Aiport

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From, your travel itinerary, most of your travel is likely to be on the high-speed trains. All train types have overhead luggage racks. You can even put your 28" luggage overhead on the Regionale trains if you can lift it up there. Other than that possibility, your luggage is large and will have to be placed in the luggage racks at the end of the cars. Just be careful to watch your luggage if you can. The high-speed trains don't make too many stops. The Regionale train makes every stop. You will most likely be on a Regionale-class train into and out of Vicenza and from your small town to Rome.

Posted by David
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Alex: Unless you're a weight lifter, look at Rick Steve's Packing List. Anyone following his guidelines can live out of a 21" rolling bag that's much more manageable. I also take a small backpack. After a 2 week trip to Tuscany in April, we didn't even use half what we carried. Our family rules are that any travelers must be able to carry their own luggage for a mile. Big bags just don't work. One travel tip is to get all blue jeans and khaki pants starched at the cleaners before leaving.

Posted by Charlie
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From your post with dates, is it correct for me to deduct that you will be only in Europe for 9 days? If that is correct, you should not need a 28" suitcase.
I go to Europe every summer for a month and have for many years and in at least the last 10 or more years only take, and need, a 21" roller bag from RS. He CLAIMS that he travels with the same sized suitcase for several months at a time. Unless you have a specific need to take such a large suitcase, I would suggest you research "packing light" elsewhere on this web site. Happy travels.

Posted by Gail
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Agree you are probably taking too much wih you, in my opinion. We are all different but I also can go for week to ten days with a weekender bag, sometimes a small bag that also hangs over the handles similar to small back pack and use that for my purse items so it frees up my hands. I have traveled a lot by train here and in Europe and trying to get a big bag onto the overhead is difficult. On local trains in some places there was not a large enough overhead and it would be very difficult to manage with large suitcase on crowded trains. If you can't get bag into the overhead you might have to stand at the end of the car to watch your suitcase. Just something to think about.

Posted by Ken
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Alex, "Arrive via flight in Rome at 6:30PM ON 1st Dec - Catch a train/metro/subway from Rome airport to Rome central station" There is no Metro or Subway at Rome / FCO, however there is a train called the Leonardo Express which will get you to Roma Termini in about 35 minutes. There's a station at the airport and the trains depart frequently. Fare is ~€14 which you can buy from one of the automated ticket Kiosks or from a staffed ticket window (price might be slightly higher if you buy from the ticket window). One VERY IMPORTANT point to mention - as the Leonardo Express is a Regionale train, BE SURE to validate your ticket in the yellow or blue machine before you board the train (time & date stamp). If you're caught with an unvalidated ticket, you'll likely be fined a minimum of €50 plus the cost of the ticket on the spot! The fine increases if not paid at the time. Happy travels!