Lufthsansa To Italy

I've never flown Lufthsansa before We've normally flown Air Canada
When booking my flights from the US to Italy it appears their Economy seats must all be the same size, but their Economy Basic, Economy Basic ii, etc. has to do more with policies of refunds and cancellations. Two things Can someone clarify the differences in the various options for Economyas the price difference seems quite a bit if seat sizes are the same. Secondly, how comfortable is Economy seating for their US to Europe flights? I know Air Canada seats have always been quite comfortable and spacious without having to upgrade. Thanks

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Connie, You might find it helpful to have a look at Seat Guru or other websites, to get more precise information on the seat pitch, etc. You could also speak with a Travel Agent. Lufthansa is a Star Alliance partner with Air Canada, and I've travelled with both of them. I've found the service between both carriers is very similar. Based on this part of their website, there appears to be three basic seating options: You could also check reviews at: Economy class seating is not going to be overly comfortable with any of the carriers. I've found that buying "Economy Plus" (or whatever each airline calls it) can be an advantage as it provides a few other perks - priority check-in, more leg room, free beverages, etc. As I recall, the Economy Plus with Air Transat was good. Good luck sorting this out!

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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I think comfort is related to your size. If under 5-6" and 130 lbs, you probably will find it comfortable. Lufthsansa have always been one of our favorite airlines. On our last trip was not so pleasant. I swear they had shrunk the seats and space between. It was very tight in standard economy. We now only book airlines that provide economy plus. At 6-2" and 220 I need all the space I can buy. Since I have never flown Air Canada I cannot compare but our recent experience on several different airlines is that the economy space is even more limited. I think there are now classes of airline travel - first, business, economy plus, and economy. The extra space for economy plus was not taken from business class.

Posted by Kathy
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I have flown Lufthansa from San Francisco and I have never liked their seats. Very uncomfortable for me. I am not overly large but have lower back issues and had to fly the whole way with pillows behind me to make the seat comfortable. Also very cramped.

Posted by Connie
Colorado Springs, colorado
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Thanks for your feedback. I appreciate the recommendations and some websites I haven't used before

Posted by Andreas
Frankfurt am Main, Germany
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Lufthansa is a good airline but has rather poor economy class seats. And there is only one kind of economy seat and only one kind of economy class. They're discussing about introducing an Economy Plus product next year... but that'll take its time. On the A380 and the 747-8 they've got new economy class seats which are equal to those of other airlines. On A330/A340s and 747-400s they've got old seats that I think people wouldn't even accept on a tram ;-) Also on those aircraft there is no in-seat video. Only some old tube-screens mounted to the ceiling in the aisles... Vintage Flying ;-)

Posted by David
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My last trip to Europe was on Lufthansa (economy, from Seattle to Frankfurt). One of my worst flight experiences ever. The seats were horrible (and I'm not a large person) - the moment I sat down I realized it was a mistake - I've been in plenty of economy seats on long-haul flights, but this was really, really awful. I was uncomfortable immediately: the legroom was nonexistent, the seat was shockingly narrow, and had lots of hard-plastic parts that dug into my arms and shoulders, etc. - and these things were immediately evident right when I sat down, not after 10 hours. I wanted out of there before they had even closed the planes doors and pushed back. Then the two babies started screaming...and did not stop for a moment until after we were in Frankfurt. The service was terrible, too. Yes, flying in coach generally sucks, but this experience really shocked me at how bad it was. Never again: this flight convinced me that from now on, I'll find a way into one of the more forgiving forward cabins for any longhaul, transoceanic flights. is your friend.

Posted by Charlie
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I flew Seattle to Frankfurt round-trip on June 14 and July 7 in economy and I am 6'3" tall. I had no complaints about anything on either of those flights except for screaming children which are no fault of the airline. I fly often and their food was only average but if you want to drink alcohol beverages when flying, they offered lots of that. I put a pillow behind my back and a blanket on the seat for added comfort. Service was above average. I will be flying them again next year.

Posted by Brad
Greeley, CO, USA
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Hi Connie from 120 miles north of you. We just flew Lufthansa in May. The Denver to FRA flight use to always be the newer A340, and it usually has had the video. I think all the A340's do now. This time it was a 747-400. The leg room was United Airlines type, meaning terrible, but the service was great like usual. And the food not too bad. The connecting flight to Paris was a beautiful new A320. And we had to stop in Dublin on the way over to let off a sick passenger and missed the connection but Lufthansa could not have been better. There are almost no lines when you have a problem like that. There are plenty of personnel to help you. And we picked up the next flight easily. The A330 coming back (FRA to Dulles since we had to stop, to get the free tickets based on mileage), was very nice. Beautiful seats, great leg room, video on the back of the seats. Great service. I would like to try Air Canada but we tend to like to leave Denver at 530 pm instead of 9 am and then get to FRA by noon or so and then we usually connect to someplace else. Makes for a shorter day when we get to our destination since all of us are incredibly crabby. Our next trip is going to be Denver-FRA then to Milan or Rome and then reverse it. We will use the same method as before. Hopefully they have retired the old 747-400's by then. The kids don't care though really with ipods, netbook computers, iphone and kindle.

Posted by Ann
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I wish this thread would have been available back when we booked our flight from SFO to Munich on Lufthansa. I'm now concerned that my husband & I will be very cramped for space (he's 6'7" & I'm 6'2"). Can you get the exit row seats if you check in right away like on United or other carriers or are we stuck with the expense of trying to get into business class? We mainly booked through Lufthansa because it was a direct flight from SFO to Munich and the last time I was on Lufthansa it didn't seem that bad (that was 5 years ago and the flight was from Munich to Milan).

Posted by Eric
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I have to disagree with Brad's assessment of way more leg room in coach on Lufthansa's A340 vs. the 747. According to, the A340's (Lufthansa uses several variants) either have the same seat pitch as the 747 in coach (31 inches) or one inch more-which might be noticeable, but isn't in my mind way more. I've flown both in coach, and found both of them cramped for long trips such as LAX to FRA or MUC, or vice versa (I'm 6'1".) Also, if Brad has flown on the A350, well, he's a very lucky man, as none of them have been delivered to an airline yet.

Posted by Brad
Greeley, CO, USA
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Hi Ann looks like SFO to Munich is an A340. That plane has way more leg room than the 747-400 from Denver to Frankfurt. They use to fly that one from Denver. I did notice on the Frankfurt to Dulles flight we took in June on an A350 which also had way more leg room (this is all coach flying), the guy sitting in front of me was at least 6'8". They put him in the first row behind the exit door, I bet upon his request. Lufthansa I bet accomdated him. United would never do that.

Posted by Brad
Greeley, CO, USA
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oops. that is what happens when I type it instead of my secretary. lol. I have been on the a340 and the 747 12 times total. We all know the internet contains all truths, but there is a huge difference on the leg room. maybe its in my imagination.

Posted by Ann
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I completely forgot about seatguru, thanks for the reminder! We usually just pay extra to sit in econ plus or in an exit row, but it looks like Luftansa doesn't have that option. We're flying back through Paris on United so as long as we get online right away the day before we leave, we should be good from there. Thanks for your responses!