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Lowest ATM Fees in Spain?

Which banks in Spain have the lowest ATM fees to get cash advances? My VISA card doesn't charge a transaction fee, but I understand the bank that ownes the ATM may charge a transaction fee and I'd like to keep those low.

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ATMs usually charges a flat fee, just like ATMs in the US. If you have a foreign transaction fee, this comes from your home bank, not the bank that operates the ATM.

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Hi Amy,

In 2008 we used ATMs at banks all over Spain and Portugal without attempting to find a specific company. I don't think any of them charged a fee, or if they did, it was a very modest one. When the euro transaction was converted into dollars a 1% fee was added and it showed up on my bank statement as a separate charge - one for each transaction. This fee is 1% of the amount in dollars. For example: 300 euros X 1.65 (the exchange rate at that time) = $494.76 and an additional 1% = $4.95. The banks we used were BBVA, Telebanco, Multibank, and Banco Popular but I don't think it mattered as to the fee.

Happily for you, the exchange rate that you'll have to pay is a little lower now. Enjoy your trip.

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Thanks to both George and Tom for the helpful info! Did you find that you were limited as to cash withdrawals by the Spanish bank ATM's or was the limit just that of your own bank back homw?