If i will be using the Museum pass do I still need to be 30 min early before the Lourve opens when I go on a wed this month of may?

Posted by Eileen
Texan in CA
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I usually show up in the middle of the day, buy my museum pass there (under the pyramid, remember) - No Waiting (or very little waiting) - then tour the museum. I wouldn't arrive 30m early...esp. if I already had my pass (but I did suggest to you already that you can buy your pass there, since it is the first place covered that you plan to visit). Of course, YMMV - any site can have anomalies such as very long lines to enter a place not known for lines, and vice-versa, but I've never had trouble. UNLESS your plan is to make a beeline for the Mona Lisa or something, 30m early isn't necessary, in my opinion. I would rather risk spending some time in line at an attraction than having to go to another location (such as a tourist office) to pick up my pre-ordered ticket. Don't forget - the Louvre stays open late on Wednesdays AND Fridays 8^D The crowds are (mostly) gone! You can go as often as you'd like within your 4-day period. It might help you avoid burnout. You may also want to return because not all of the rooms are open every day of the week. They'll start shooing you out of the rooms about 30m early, though, so plan accordingly...many museums do this.

Posted by Jonna
Orange, CA, USA
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HI Lynn, I would not bother showing up 30 minutes early. The museum pass will allow you to enter quickly. I complete agree with other post. Best time to go to the Lourve is in the evening. However, I would purchase your museum card at a small museum or other location rather than the Lourve. Lines can be long to purchase the pass at the Lourve.
Another suggestion: if you are interested in looking at other masterpieces in addition to the big stars, I suggest you purchase a book called The Pocket Louvre, by Claude Mignot. It has a description of other treasures and where they are located in the museum. The Lourve is huge and you will miss some of the greatest art in the world if you don't go with a plan. I love the Lourve. I go three times every visit to Paris. I am envious of you!!! Jonna Robinson

Posted by Lynn
Cambridge, Massachuse
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With the 4 day Paris museum pass i can get unlimited entry to the lourve within the four day period?

Posted by Harold
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"With the 4 day Paris museum pass i can get unlimited entry to the lourve within the four day period?" Yes. This is exactly where a pass is a great advantage - you can return to the same museum over multiple days without paying extra. This means that you don't have to see it all in one day, but can absorb it in sections.

Posted by Lynn
Cambridge, Massachuse
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are all the sights covered by the museum pass allowed multiple entry over the 4 day period?

Posted by Dick
Olympia, WA, USA
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Yes, if you have the energy! The Museum Pass rewards those who can cover multiple museums, or multiple visits to any one or more museums, in a given number of days, starting when you use it for the first time (which can be later than the day you buy it). Watch out for Mondays and Tuesdays when many museums are closed (one day or the other), plan accordingly. We bought a 4- or 5-day one on our first visit to Paris and got as much value out of it as we could. Then we went to places not covered by the pass. Another advantage of the pass is making it easy to pop into a museum you think might interest you that's nearby, without "risking" an admission fee. If you don't like it, or maybe you just want to see one or two paintings or whatever, you don't have to stay long to "justify" the cost. You're spending time, which you can minimize, but not additional money. Paris is full of small idiosyncratic museums waiting for you to discover them.