Looking for cooking classes in Berlin

My German, at best, is rusty, at worst...... looking for a class taught at least in a little English. Ideas? This would be around the 26th of July - 2nd of August. Also, anyone have a yarn shop or needlework shop they recommend in Berlin? I try to get something from each place we travel to....makes for interesting gifts Rosemarie

Posted by Sarah
Stuttgart, Germany
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Berlin isn't particularly known for having a specific interesting native food culture - it is known for having a very vibrant international food culture, the best in Germany. But I don't know if that lends itself to cooking classes in the way, say, cities in France or Italy does. Because Berlin is very international and very English-speaking as a result, there are English-language cooking courses in Berlin, but they aren't aimed at anything specific with regards to German cusiene in Berlin, which again, isn't really much. It's famous for currywurst. There are parts of Germany that specialize in various kinds of wurst, but the culinary heart of Germany is far to the south in Swabia/The Black Forest/Bavaria which is where we get many of our ideas of what German food is from. (Unsurprisingly these areas border lands that historically are a little more interested in food in general.) Which again isn't to say that Berlin doesn't have a great food scene, it's just not particularly "Berlin" or "German" but awesomely international. There are food tours of Berlin, maybe that might fit the bill?

Posted by Rosemarie
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Thanks for the help. Couldn't get the URL to work. Haven't been in Germany for years and didn't realize the cuisine was so international. Now the cooking classes I've seen make sense.

Posted by Fred
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Rosemarie, When you're in Berlin, are you interested in going to restaurants that feature regular traditional German cuisine, (gute alte bürgerliche Küche) esp. north and eastern German cuisine? If so, a couple of these restaurants are located in Berlin-Charlottenburg, all within walking distance of each other. There was also such a restaurant a block down from the Jannowitzbrücke S-Bahn station but unfortunately it's gone.