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London to Pairs, the best way

My daughter wants to travel from London to Paris this May as cheap as possible.
She said the high speed train from london to Paris is 145.00 US
Is there a better was that is fast and less money?

What about a discount airline?


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"Fast." "As cheaply as possible." These are mutually exclusive. For this trip, price is generally inverse to speed.

"Best." That probably means the price, speed, and convenience that is best for your daughter, chosen from the available options. What is that? I don't know.

Air fares bounce up and down. Although this trip will never be as fast as the train (once travel time to & from the airport and security & boarding time are considered), or as convenient, your daughter might find a fare that makes this "best" for her.

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The bad thing about discount airlines is that they often fly from airports like Stansted and Luton which usually cost a fortune (and a few hours) to get to. If you can find a really cheap flight, it is possible to get to Stansted/Luton/Gatwick for £2 ( Otherwise the train from Liverpool Stn to Stansted is $30, Gatwick train $18, and National Express bus to Luton $20.

If you book far enough in advance, you can get one-way fares to Paris on Eurostar from $50 for under-26. Or try

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I am heading to Paris via London in July and just booked a discounted ticket on the Eurostar.

Go to

Or if this link does not work, go to and click the "latest deals".

They have a reduced fare for Youths (under age 26)

Two years ago i did the discount airline, and it was actually not worth the savings. I got up early, had to wait at the airport after security control, then when you get off the airplane, you still have to travel from CDG to the city.

The Eurostar takes you to the city and cuts off 45 min to an hour of travel.

I am flying back from CDG to LHR (then fly back home from there) and got a great rate on BA. 3 persons for $257 one way (total price for 3). This is better than easyjet because I'm actually flying from CDG to LHR, versus to Luton.

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Jennifer has tipped you off to easyBus. You need to book well in advance to get the £2 fare. easyJet flies from Luton to CDG. If you book far enough in advance, you can get a fare as low as £21.99 (includes taxes and fees). Taking the RER B line from CDG to Paris costs €8.20 and includes transfers to other RER lines and/or Metro lines which will get you to within a few blocks of any hotel in the city.

However, the absolutely cheapest route--not at all fast and not particularly comfortable--would be to take an overnight Eurolines coach. Discount fares are available if booked far enough in advance. And traveling overnight saves the cost of one night in a hotel and gives more daylight hours for sightseeing. See

If it comes down to the BEST way, Eurostar wins hands down. City center to city center in a little over two hours. Fast, smooth, quiet, and comfortable.

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I have to say I endorse the Eurostar. It's a neat experience, very efficient despite the cost.