London - Paris - Burgundy plan help

have airfare booked and will be on the ground for 16days and nights. Flying into London and out of Paris. Thinking of splitting it up this way but you have a better idea please pipe up... first...London - 7 nights train to Paris Paris 5 nites in an appartment train to Burgundy for 3 nites train back to Paris for one night and departure out of Paris back home next day at 10:45 AM flight. Concerns I have with my current plan.... 1. Is 7 nights in London too much? Is there some other really cool place in England I should spend a couple nights?
2. Wish I didn't have to "waste" a night coming back from Burgundy to Paris just to fly out the next morning.

Posted by craig
prior lake, mn
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bump, still looking for advice? Now thinking of a side trip from Paris to Eze or Piedmont for a few days and shortening London to 4 nites.

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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Craig, if you really had the time, London and Paris each deserve a week. But, it looks like 16 nights. One good thing is that you are flying into London and out of Paris. This saves some time. Here is my suggested itinerary. 1) London (1-6). Morning of Day 7, take tube to Kings Cross and wall over to St. Pancras. Note that you have to be checked in 30 minutes early. Book early for lower fares. Mid-Morning Day 7, take Eurostar train to Paris. 2) Paris (7-12) Morning of Day 13, Train to Dijon. 3) Burgundy (13-15)Rent car in Dijon train station after train ride from Paris. Tour Burgundy. Stay in Beaune or other nice location in Burgundy. Return car to Dijon mid-day 16. Train to Paris CDG. Stay near airport. 4) Morning of Day 17, fly home. If I have too many nights, I suggest reducing Burgundy by 1 night. If more reductions are needed, reduce London by 1 night.

Posted by Adam
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Paris and London are great destinations and you will not be bored if you stick to them plus a taste of burgundy. It's also nice to leaven these two great cities with some classic countryside. Ideally you'd want to sandwich that between Paris and London but that would make for a long travel day, so I think your plan is fine. (OTOH, visiting Burgundy second would eliminate the "waste" day at the end, so maybe you would consider the 6-hour train ride from London to be worthwhile.) I'd want at least two full days in Burgundy, with wheels, either car or bicycle, so 3 nights minimum. I don't advise adding another destination, and Piedmont or Eze terribly impractical. But you could fly perhaps from London to Marseilles and spend a few days in Provence, or longer if you skip Burgundy.

Posted by Dawn
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I like the idea of going London, Burgundy, Paris. Yes, it's a longer travel day going directly to Burgandy from London, but this way you're not wasting your last day traveling back to the city you're leaving from.