Lodging south of Munich

Anyone have a recommendation for a town/village in which I could rent an apartment or cozy house for 4 nights, south of Munich? We have a car and plan on having a hub in which to see the castles and Oberammergau, as well as some more of Bavarian countryside. Will do a day in Munich, but probably not much more.

Posted by Jeff
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There are some lovely towns on the shores of the Ammersee, about 40 km southwest of Munich. Herrsching, on the east shore, is the western terminus of the S-8 line (the same one that takes you from the airport to the Hauptbahnhof in central Munich). From Herrsching it's a brisk walk up the hill to Kloster Andechs. Or take the sidewheeler steamboat from Herrsching across the lake to Dießen, on the southwest shore. You can also get to Dießen from Munich via the BRB train. These are beautiful towns with wonderful people.

Posted by Denise
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When I am searching for accommodations, I check google maps for a town close to where I want to be. I then look at that town's website using this format: www.nameoftown.de For example, for Oberammergau, you would search www.oberammergau.de Once on the town's website, look under "tourismos" and search under pensions, zimmers or, for an apartment, Ferienwohungen.

Posted by Kathryn
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I rented an apartment for a week in Mittenwald and really enjoyed the town and area. It was very close to the Austrian border so we did day trips to Oberammergau and several of the castles in the area, but also went into Austria and even Italy during the week.
Mittenwald is a lovely little town and my memory is that the apartment we rented was very inexpensive. I agree with the previous poster about finding apartments in Germany.

Posted by Laurie
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Thank you! This is a great start!