Lodging info and reservation queries - no responses

I've emailed a couple of hotels to inquire about rates and availability in Germany and Switzerland. Their web sites are in English but I'm not sure what happens with my emails, as I've not gotten responses and its been several day. while I did get a response to signing up to one hotel's newsletter, it was in German - which I don't speak or read. I'm a bit concerned about not hearing from them since we hope to be there in early Sept and I think these places are already filling up. I assume they have the capability to read English inquiries and reply in English but I don't know that. Any ideas on this from anyone??

Posted by Ms. Jo
Frankfurt, Germany
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There may be several reasons why you haven't heard anything. One - if you are using Yahoo, your mail may have gone into their spam filter. This happens a lot. Try using a different email, like Google Hotmail. Two - many places are simply closed for the winter holidays. Especially for the Christmas/New Years holiday. It depends on where you are going. Is it a summer resort area or a winter one, a small town or big city? Three - the person who answers the emails in English, may be on holiday. After a 2nd request, you can always call. Long distance to Europe just isn't that expensive any more. Run your newsletter through one of the free translations available online, like Babelfish.

Posted by George
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If you are still waiting try using Google. They answer inquiries in English all the time. Use your own email rather than the form that is included in some hotel websites. When they answer the form inquiries the message can end up in your own spam box or possibly be blocked by your filters. If another attempt is still unsuccessful you probably wouldn't want to stay with them anyway.

Posted by Linda
Austin, Tx, Us
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Good information. I'm not using yahoo or similar but will give it a little more time and try google. Thanks so much!