Lodging in Munich

I am currently planning a trip to Munich at the end of October, and am currently debating between staying in a traditional hotel vs. renting a flat. Does anyone have any suggestions? We'd like to be centrally located and close to public transportation, as I don't intend to rent a car.

Posted by Rob
Atlanta, Georgia, USA
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I have stayed at both Hotel Uhland and the Hotel am Viktualienmarkt and would recommend both. Both have decent rooms, very good breakfasts, and are both pretty close to public transportation.

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Christine, I've stayed at both Hotel Uhland and Hotel Royal, on various occasions, and both are fantastic! Hotel Royal is very close to the main station and easy walking distance to Marienplatz and the main sights in that area. Although it's located in somewhat "older" neighborhood, the hotel itself is really nice. Happy travels!

Posted by Christopher
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The Hilton Munich City is great because the S bahn stops right in the basement of the hotel. You can be in Marienplatz five minutes from leaving your door. That also makes it very cheap and easy to get to and from the airport on S8.

Posted by orv
edina, usa
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I stayed at the Hotel Royal last July, and the location is excellent for sightseeing, and close to the train station. Their included breakfast buffet was also excellent. However, you should be aware, that this hotel is in a somewhat sketchy part of town. Lots of strip clubs in the area. There is actually one right next door.

Posted by Kurt
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I don't think anyone has actually answered your questions – rental vs. hotel. We've been going to Europe for many years. Up until 4 years ago it was hotels, guest houses, pensions, etc. – and we loved it. After reading about the joys of rentals I did some hunting around and struck gold the first time out. Have been back three times with another visit in June. "Our" place is in southern Bavaria, the Alps are out the window and we are surrounded by farm field – so the prices will be less than a city flat in Munich, but the cost is Euro 30 a night, versus anywhere from Euro 80 – 130 (what we typically pay) for a hotel. So for one – it's much cheaper. I love to cook and eat German foods. I'd go into shops or grocery stores and drool over the wonderful things, thinking "if only I had a kitchen!" Obviously with a flat you have that ability. We still go out to eat a few meals a week, but mostly it's at the apartment. As far as close to a bus, subway or trolley line in Munich is very well covered and I'm sure any information about location would say how close – and I'd be suspicious of those that don't say anything. Get the street address and go on Google Earth or another mapping/satellite picture service and look for yourself. You'll also see how close it is to other shops, restaurants, green space, the railroad tracks, etc. Lastly I think a rental gives you the time to explore in depth, which spending years staying in this place 2 nights and another 1 night, is exact

Posted by Christine
Philadelphia, PA, USA
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Thank you everyone for your suggestions. I will definitely check them out. Kurt - Thanks for your input. A lot of the points you bring up are the exact reasons I was considering renting. I really appreciate your perspective.

Posted by Rob D
Bad Tölz, Bayern
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Hi Christine, We just did our first apartment rental through vrbo.com and although that was in Paris, reasons for our excellent experience may apply in your case... 1. Easy to use website 2. Allows you to set search parameters to find what you want quickly
3. Reviews give you feedback about the properties. I suppose there are other websites / resources out there like this too, so this could be something to check out. Personally we love to spend extended time in a big city, and in a rental apartment the advantages are (to us) obvious. Reason #35: say you get a rainy day, you could always go to the Cinema München or Museum Lichtspiele to catch a movie, that sort of thing. In Munich proper, with good bus + tram + U-bahn / S-bahn systems, you'd be hard-pressed to be more than a few minutes' walk away from a stop or station. The relevant MVV app can be a little wonky, but you can try it out before you leave on your trip to see how well it serves. Anything's better than the hassle of a car there anyway :) Enjoy!