Lodging in Montmarte

Can anyone suggest a monastery, gite, B&B or other similar option for budget lodging in the Montmarte region of Paris? I'm traveling with another woman over 50, so we're probably not good candidates for a hostel unless there is something that offers rooms for 2. Hotels are not out of the question, but I'd like to find something more interesting if it's out there. I'm hoping to find something for less than $150 for one night in early August. Thoughts anyone?

Posted by Eileen
Texan in CA
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I don't have personal experience with lodging in that area, but what I do sometimes is zoom in on Google Maps and click on lodging that is in the location I want to be in. I always follow up with reviews on Trip Advisor and anywhere else I can find. Also, use Google Streetview so that you'll recognize your (often non-descript) hotel from the street.

Posted by Doug
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Have not stayed there but have read good things about the Timhotel on Montmarte as a budget option. It's in a great location.