Lodging in Matri and Steinach

I read about Hotel Stoltz and Park in Matri. Where is Matri - Austria? Also I was looking for Steinach in Steinach. Is this in Austria? Thank you

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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Elizabeth, I'm not sure where Matri is located? Are you referring to Matrei am Brenner in Austria, which is where Hotel Stolz is located? The area is slightly south of Innsbruck in the Brenner Pass. There are a number of places named Steinach in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, including Steinach am Brenner. It would help to have some further details on your questions.

Posted by Elizabeth
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Thanks, Ken, Canada, for your response.
I guess I misspelled Matrei. But that area around Innsbruck is what I am talking about. Thank you.