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Lockers in train stations in Aix and Avignon?

Could you please tell me if there are lockers in the train stations for bags at the train stations in Aix en Provence and Avignon (not the TGV station). Thanks!

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Taking a closer look at some earlier postings, it doesn't appear that Aix train station has lockers. Could you please assist me with potential options for bag storage in this situation: I will be flying into Marseilles around 10:30pm. Due to my late arrival, I should probably sleep in a hotel very close to Marseilles airport, and then take the shuttle bus in the morning from Marseilles aiport to Aix downtown bus station, via the Aix TGV station. I would like to spend the day in Aix, and that evening take the train from Aix to Arles, where I will be sleeping. Where could I keep my bags (large backpack) during the day in Aix, or is there another option that I haven't considered?

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Amy, might the main Marseilles train station have lockers or a left-luggage service? If so you could go there from your hotel, catch a train to Aix, return by train, get bag, and then take a train to Arles.

Alternatively you might look for a hotel near the train station (not the airport) and leave your bag there for afternoon pickup (on your way from Aix).