Lisbon to Evora - train or bus?

I will be in Lisbon for a few days this coming April, and I'd like to make a day trip to Evora. From what I can tell, I can get there pretty easily in about 1.5 hours on either the train or the bus.....the bus is a little cheaper, but just about 3 Euros or so. Can anyone tell me if there are any differences that might make me choose one over the other (comfort, other travelers, location of the train/bus station)? (I posted this in travel, but I thought later this forum might have more traffic.)

Posted by Neil
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From memory only. About 20 services by bus per day, 4 by train (direct). The bus station is more central than the train station by 5 to 10 minutes walk.
No idea of your experience so - the bus will be a coach, the train you can move around in.

Posted by Ed
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If you like the painted tiles of the area, there's some huge ones on the platform of the train station.

Posted by Regina
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We travelled from Lisbon to Evora for an overnight stay about seven or eight years go. Our Lisbon-based aunt recommended taking the bus, and it was just fine extremely clean, great views of the countryside and Evora was beautiful well worth it. Enjoy your trip!