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Liquid Vitamins on Trip to Europe

I will be traveling to Switzerland, Italy, Austria and Germany in July. I take a liquid multivitamin. The bottle is 32 ounces and I take 1 ounce every day. I am not sure if I can take my liquid vitamin. Any suggestions? Has anybody had experience with this.

Moises Rodriguez,
Fort Worth, Texas

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Typically, you can't carry on liquids more than 3 oz. However, there is an exception for medications. Becuase this is a "vitamin" and not a medication, you would probably need to get a letter from a naturopathic doctor "prescribing" it so that you can carry it on with you. Otherwise, you'd need to check the liquid vitamin in your luggage (be sure to put it in TWO sealed ziplock bags).

Also, another thing to keep in mind is that 32 oz. is two pounds (not sure if it goes that way exactly with liquid ounces versus solid ounces, but you get my point...)- If you are traveling on any of the small regional airlines with strict weight restrictions for luggage, you will need to take this into account.

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I don't think they would allow this in carry-on bags eeven with a prescription--too large a volume. Best to put it in your checked baggage if you need to take it along.

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Speaking of vitamins, I bought my daughters each a small bottle of 1,000's "C" and they didn't take them. I did and all three got sick, each at a different time. They were bed ridden in Paris, France and Switzerland.
Just put the bottle in your checked bag! But take it!