Layover in Amsterdam

On August 14 I'll be returning from Poland with a layover in Amsterdam. My flight out of Amsterdam is at 2:55pm. In the past I have twice visited the Amsterdam during layovers such as this and am planning on doing this again. My question is, should I fly from Krakow to Amsterdam on the evening of the 13th? It would put me into AMS around 7:00 and give me the evening and then the next morning. Or I could just get an early morning flight get into AMS around 9:30. Is there any great advantage to having an evening in Amsterdam. I will be traveling by myself and am not looking to do any big partying all night long or anything like that (although I am curious to just see the red light district at night rather than in the middle of the afternoon).

Posted by Chani
Tel Aviv
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Unless you are planning to do more than look, the red light district (seedy) will probably be a half hour walk. Amsterdam hotels are expensive. Staying overnight means taking everything you need for the night and a change of clothes in your hand luggage and you'll have to haul it around with you until you get back to Schiphol - or leave it at the hotel and then return to pick it up.

Posted by melissa
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Agree with Chani, an evening seems just an expense with hotel, R/t train from Schipol to Centraal ( plus getting to and from your hotel), a dinner out and entertainment. Unless perhaps someone is playing at the Paradiso? Hanging at the Leidseplein or Rembrandtplein, or a musical event might make the expenses worthwhile.

Posted by Brian
Holland, MI, USA
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Thanks for the help guys. I decided to stay the last night in Krakow. Considering I had no real plans for Amsterdam, I figured the hassle is not worth simply seeing the spectacle that is the red light district. I have a 5 hour layover in AMS each way so I'll probably head into the city at least once. On two different occasions I've done the Anne Frank house on a five hour layover and had plenty of time, so I should be fine heading in for some food or maybe a quick canal boat ride. Thanks again.