Landstuhl Lockers

Anyone know if the train station in Landstuhl, Germany has lockers for storage?

Posted by Gary Mc
Salt Lake City
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There is a rather unfriendly Die Bahn page for looking up this information: It does not list luggage storage as one of the services at Landstuhl. BTW. You need German spelling to look up a station on this webpage. You need umlats; therefore, "ue" will not substitute for "├╝". Sometimes you have to click on "Station Information" and then search for your station to get a list of services. I have not played with it enough to smooth out my searches. Maybe with more practice, I would find it friendlier.

Posted by Tom
Lewiston, NY
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There aren't any. PS, I'm not sure why the last poster is talking about umlauts in this case. The German spelling is just plain old "Landstuhl", not "Landst├╝hl".