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Länder Tickets - Germany

There was an interesting topic that was posted on the Tripadvisor board regarding a new function on the Die Bahn Website:

"Just found out one nice new feature of the new version: Länder-Tickets are now shown as a savings fare price option if available for a route."

After further research the same poster, abalada, found this additional information:

"If you query for a connection at DB ticket machines you'll have the choice to choose between a normal ticket and a Länder-Ticket if applicable."

" the moment DB is installing new ticket machines which combine the functions of the old DB ticket machines (but are faster) and the ones of the local "Verkehrsverbund". For non-locals for sure less confusing than to deal with 2 different ticket machines."

For myself, this was valuable information. I suspect that it will be for other train buffs going to Germany>

Regards, Gary

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