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lake como, berner oberland, vienna

We are planning a trip to Italy/Austria in the summer. We fly into Milan and out of Vienna 10 days later. I definitely want to spend 2-3 days in the lake area, but after that we are open. I am interested in adding Switzerland. Is this feasible/worth it? It appears much simpler to head to Venice and up to Vienna, adding perhaps a side trip to Bratislava. But we've already been to Venice several times. Suggestions?

As a side point... this may have been answered in a previous post. When I search, several posts come up but when I click on them it just takes me to the main message board. What's that about?? I can't scan 500+ pages for the answer. Am I doing something wrong or is this site just poorly configured?

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I'll have to give some thought to your travel questions.

No, the website is not "poorly configured". The site is currently undergoing a huge restructuring, so not all functions are working properly. Be patient, they'll get it sorted eventually.


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Why does everyone think they have to restructure websites which were perfectly fine in the first place. The changes that have been made so far are not improvements, they are downgrades from the original. For instance, knowing where a poster is from and getting to private messages.

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To answer the travel question: Switzerland fits very well between the Italian lakes and Vienna. Depending which lake you visit, you could head to either the Berner Oberland, Lucerne, or the area around Pontresina. That is, if you go to Lake Maggiore ( like Stresa) you head northnonnthe train via Brig to Spiez, then east to the Berner Oberland. From there continue east into Austria. If you go to Lake Como, from Como town you take the train north into Switzerlandnonnthe main Milan to,Zurich line, but change at Arth-Goldau and go to Lucerne. If you go to Varenna on Lake Como, take the train north tomTirano and pick up the Bernina Express to Pontresina. This is eastern Switzerland and very close tomAustria so probably the best choice interms of travel convenience.

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You could travel to Lake Como for a day or two (if you do, be sure to check out the gelato shop at the top of Bellagio (it is worth the walk uphill). Then, if you take the Bernina Express, you can stop for a layover above Pontresina at Muottas Muragl. It is accessible by funicular railway from a train station between Samedan-St. Moritz and Pontresina on the Bernina Express line (request only stop so be sure to puch the GREEN button on the train). This was one of the most romantic places I have been: Then continue the B. Express and the regional train to Vienna. Maybe a stop in Innsbruck or Salzburg along the way?