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Lagos or Sevilla/Granada

Hi, I need help!!

If you had 4-5 days to spare in the south of Spain, and without taking into consideration costs, just beauty of the places and how much they have to offer.

Would you choose to visit:
1- Sevilla/Lagos (Portugal). Or,
2- Granada/Lagos. Or,
3- Sevilla/Granada.

I originally planned on spending 2 nights in Sevilla, and three days and two nights in Lagos. But seeing how much Granada is recommended I wonder if it’s a better choice to skip lagos altogether and do Sevilla and Granada instead? But Lagos seems so beautiful so my head is spinning while trying to decided.

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Maybe for me it's easier. I lived on the West Coast for several years and took many auto trips on and near the coast from San Diego to Vancouver, so seeing coastlines doesn't attract me. Nor do beaches.

I loved Sevilla and Cordoba from my first visit, have been back to both twice and never tire of them, always find new places to see. There's a reason Granada's Alhambra is the #1 sight in Spain and tickets sell out weeks in advance.

For better advice, it would help to know if this is at the beginning, middle or end of a trip. If not the middle, what's your gateway airport? Will you have a car or rely on public transportation?

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@chani, these 4-5 days will be at the end of our trip. I wanted to do Sevilla last before either Lagos or Granada because I’m departing home from Barcelona and it will be easier to catch the train or flight to Barcelona from Sevilla for our flight back home.

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The Algarve is just not all that great unless you are looking for a beach. Honestly, there's no comparison between the Algarve and Seville/Cordoba/Granada. I do like Portugal a lot, but to me views of rocky beaches (yes, picturesque) don't stand up to what you'll see in the three great cities of Andalucía. YMMV, of course.