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Koblenz' hosting of the Bundes-gartenschau

My wife and I will be in this area in May. Should we avoid it or embrace it? We've read the on line brouscheres (?) or rather booklets (God, I hope I spelled one of 'em right) and it seems pretty cool: cable car across the Rhine and all the horticultural stuff we like. Anyway, are you going?

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I think I might pop up there. Sounds like fun and should be beautiful. Germans take their gardening seriously, so this would be a good experience to interact with local people. Koblenz is easy to reach from many different directions, so I would imagine folks from all the near-by towns will be visiting this. It is doubtful that this will packed with tourists, so no reason to avoid it.

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I was in Bingen at the time of the Landesgartenschau (the state event rather than the national one) 2 years ago and was totally amazed at how completely overrun the town was. They DO take their gardens seriously. I've noticed in looking for accommodations this spring that towns at some distance from Koblenz are pushing their accommodations as a way to visit the Gartenschau. Nearly 2 million people attended the Schwerin "BUGA" in 2009. It should be very big for Koblenz too.