Keukenhof walk or Haarlem museums?

Planned to visit Haarlem on Saturday and the Keukenhof Gardens on Sunday, but just found out that the Gardens has a walk on Saturday morning. Looks like the Corrie ten Boom house and most other places in Haarlem are closed on Sundays. Would you recommend doing the walk or the museums in Haarlem?

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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I haven't looked at the walk, but I have been to both places more times than I can easily count. I've never been on a "walk" at Keukenhof. All I ever do is stroll, and when I get to a fork or crossroads follow my eyes and pick one, then just stroll some more. Do you mean you are going tomorrow, or some other Saturday? If you are there for the Bloemencorso you are in for a treat, but that's not for several weeks yet.

Posted by ANN
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I have been to both places also. No matter what, the Keukenhof is a must and a lovely memory. However, the flowers should be in bloom when you go. I hope your trip is not this week! The ten Boom house is a place i was happy to see but it takes only a short time. It is not as great a visit as the Keukenhof.

Posted by Gail
Downingtown, USA
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Have only been to Ten Boom Museum and we loved it. Is not really what you would call a museum though, it is actual house the family lived in for years and furnished just like they left it. We also loved the town, lovely cathedral with a huge square where you can sit outside, sip glass of wine and enjoy being in Europe.

Posted by George
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If I could pick only one I would surely pick Keukenhof. If I could pick a time, I would pick mid-April.

Posted by Lesa
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Thank you all for your replies & help! We're excited about our first visit to Holland! We're visiting the second weekend (April 9th)! I also noticed Keukenhof also has their bulb market this weekend. I hope the flowers will be blooming and no rain! ;)

Posted by Janis
Grapevine, TX, USA
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There's virtually nothing open in Haarlam on Sundays, so if you can go to Keukenhof then, that would probably be better.