keukenhof anyone?

Just wondering if anyone has been there this week. How long does it take to see at a slow/moderate pace? We plan to spend the night in Leiden. Going next week. Hope the tulips are bloom by then. Thanks.

Posted by Susan
Atlanta, Ga, USA
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We were there in early April a few years ago and the tulips were blooming in the greenhouses only. Daffodils & Crocus were in full bloom and beautiful. Four hours should be enough time. Enjoy your visit!

Posted by Billy
Burlington, KY, USA
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Thank you all.
Temperatures are forecast to be in the high 40's/low 50's this week. Fingers crossed. :)

Posted by Margaret
Aschaffenburg, Germany
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I was there April 1st and we spent a total of 2.5 hours in the park. Nothing was in bloom but the indoor exhibits are lovely. They put some sad-looking crates of tulips out along the paths to try to make up for it. Some tourists were posing pictures next to these crates to make it appear they were in the fields, I guess. It was funny.
Buying the combiticket for public transit is the way to go!