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Jungfrau or Schilthorn?

Two questions
1)I would like to do one but not really both, which would be the better choice with 3 teens(17,14,13)? I am leaning towards Schilthorn form the pictures I have seen..
2)I am staying in the area for 3 nights at the end of June. I have been looking at the Valley Hostel Lauterbrunnen but was wondering if I should try to go a bit higher up??

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They are both first-class attractions. It's a close call but I prefer the Jungfrau. You get different experience at both attractions. The Schiltorn is more of a panorama experience, the Jungfrau is more of a glacier experience. There is more to do at the Jungfrau: from the observation deck to the elevator down to the glacier. You can walk on the top of the glacier and go inside of it to view the ice-carvings gallery. Which ever one you choose, make sure you go early in the morning, and only if the weather is perfect.

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Just a few thoughts on travel and cost. From the Lauterbrunnen train station, the cog train up to the Jungfraujoch takes 2.0hrs. Same coming down. It will cost about $140 per person round trip. The Jungfraujoch is the highest train station in Europe. The visitor complex is huge and there is a lot to see and do. You can jump off at Wengen on the way down and visit there.

For the Shilthorn, it's a gondola all the way up. You will gondola to Gimmelwald, then to Muerren and then to the top of the Shilthorn. Round trip cost is about $90 per person. To get to the gondola, you will need to take a bus from the Lauterbrunnen train station to Stechelberg (about 4 miles)

Get up there early for the best views. The Lauterbrunnen train station may have TV monitors that have live views of the top of the mountains so you can see before you leave.

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My favorite activity on the Jungfrau was the hike from the observatory complex to the mountain hut. The sign posted a 45min walk; at least for the Swiss. It took us about 1:15 to do it. It's a great hike. You will put some distance on the observatory before you see the hut. Not a lot of people did the hike giving us some solitude to take in the grandure of it all. It was maybe the best part of the trip. Then again, maybe Venice.......................

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The trip to both the Jungfrau and Schilthorn will be free for the 13 and 14 year olds with the Swiss Junior Card. If the weather is nice I would definitely go to the Jungfrau just because there is SO much more to see and do. If the Jungrau is cloudy and the Schilthorn is clear then I would go there.

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I have never done the Schilthorn, but Jungfrau was my favorite part of my 2 week Europe trip! Like the above poster, I also hiked to the mountain hut from the train station. It was so beautiful and peaceful. I would definitely recommend it! Have fun!

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Agree Lauterbrunnen is the hub. You will enjoy the Valley Hostel. We stayed there for 6 nights.