July Trip to Switzerland

I want to travel for 10 days from Los Angeles to Switzerland and airfare is very high ($1200-1600). What is the best way to get a round trip reduced air? I also want to see Montreaux, Lucern, Bern, Lavertezzo, Annecy, Bellinozona. Which main city should I fly to? Geneva? Bern? Are these cities very close to each other, and easily accessible with one train pass? I don't know if I should book a combo of air/hotel to save money or do it separately. As mentioned, a couple of nearby french towns would be nice. If this sounds too costly, should I fly to S. France first, and take a 2-3 day trip to Switzerland? Which is the most economical? Thanks for all the suggestions. Happy traveling!

Posted by Ken
Vernon, Canada
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tia, You'll probably find the greatest availability of flights into Z├╝rich (I haven't checked Geneva or other cities). There's a rail station right at the airport, so it's very easy to get from there to other points in Switzerland. It's going to be a bit "challenging" to visit six locations in a very short 10-days, an average of 1.6 days per city. Keep in mind that each change of locations will require a minimum of about half a day. You'll probably find that you'll have to reduce your list somewhat. Does your 10-day time frame include your two flight days? Good luck with your planning!

Posted by Jeff
Holland, MI
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I flew into Geneva, took a boat to Montreaux (1 day), a train to Interlake & Berner Oberland (4 days), a train to Luzern (1 day), and a train to Zurich (2 days). My only regret was not spending more time in Luzern & Berner Oberland. I would skip Zurich... although maybe you want big city Switz. In my opinion, it's worth paying a couple hundred extra to get where you want to go. If you are like me, it might be decades before getting back, and efficiency was more important than a little cash. Enjoy!