Jeu du paume or hotel St. Louis: Paris

I have reservations for 3 nights this spring at jeu du paume and St. Louis. It's myself, husband and 20 yr old daughter (for 2 of 3 nights). My dilemma:
At St Louis, the only triple room they have enters side street, rue B? There are no photos but they assure me it is like room on their website. Anyone know about this room? I asked if they could send me one, but no luck. At Jeu du Paume, we have to book one double and one single. They are on ground floor next to one another. This will cost approximately 340 Euro more than triple at St. Louis. Need advice regarding these options?

Posted by Susan
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I don't have personal knowledge of either of the rooms you're considering, but Hotel du Jeu de Paume is the most expensive and luxurious hotel on Ile Saint Louis and Hotel Saint Louis is the least expensive (still good though). I would assume the rooms at Hotel du Jeu de Paume would be much nicer than the room at Hotel Saint Louis. I think your choice to stay on Ile Saint Louis is good, it's my favorite neighborhood to stay in, but have you checked prices and rooms that would work for you at the other two hotels on the island, Hotel de Lutece (the one I recommended in your other thread) and Hotel des Deux Iles? Both of those are less expensive than Hotel du Jeu de Paume.