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Jack Daniels miniatures as gifts?

I love the idea of taking small souvenirs from home to give to new friends and hosts in my upcoming trip to Spain. Last trip, I learned saying that I'm from Tennessee often produced the response, "Jack Daniels," so I had the idea of taking a few miniatures of Jack Daniels with me as gifts. Since Jack Daniels No. 7 is alcohol, I'm wondering if I'm allowed to do that? Anybody know?

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They would have to be under 3 oz. each and would have to fit within your 1 quart liquids bag if you intend to carry them on. As far as I know, you could put them in a checked bag (but you would want to make sure they were securely insulated in case something broke).

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if you take a few in your toiletry you are fine ... say its mouthwash! hah (or medicine! could be!)... if you need more and you can check you bag - just make sure your are under the local per person limit (probably 1 or 2 Litre per person) at that port of entry.

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I love Jack Daniels, but I would recommend taking a few small containers of extra fancy grade maple syrup. Europeans love it! ... and you don't have to worry about someone's alcohol restrictions ... have a good trip! P.

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I think it's a great idea. Even though I don't drink bourbon I'd be delighted.

I always travel with a minature of brandy in my hand luggage ( I use it as anything from antiseptic to night-cap )It's never been an issue when going through airport security in Europe.

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I live in TN as well, and my sister lived in the UK for two years. Jack Daniels has always been the host gift of choice for both of us when we stay with friends. The last time I stayed with friends (been a while) they didn't sell anything but Jack Black in Europe -- our hosts were as thrilled with a bottle of Gentleman Jack as I would be with a good bottle of scotch whiskey.

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Bring me some of that Tennessee mash whiskey. Jack Daniels No. 7 is great stuff. I would suggest that you should place this item in your checked luggage. Note that security may go looking for it. When we returned from Europe last year, my wife had an empty beer bottle (Lager Hell) that she saved from our visit to the restaurant in the Junfraujoch in Switzerland. When we had to go through customs, TSA saw the bottle on their screen and pulled the bag for inspection. I think that they just wanted to see what it was. Not sure if they would have pulled it if it was full.

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While Jack is a very unique and distinct Tennessee gift, I dont think its that important any longer. The last time I was in Germany, we were checking out at a local grocery store and I saw a 1 litre bottle of Jack. After converting from euros to dollars, the price was about what we pay here for it. It all has to do with the euro v dollar, transportation cost, and our high tax rate on alcohol.

I'd give Goo-Goos instead.