Itinerary Suggestions: Netherlands & Belgium

I was thinking we would stay in Netherlands for 5 days and Belgium for 5 days. We would fly into Amsterdam and fly out of Brussels.


Should we keep our hotel room in Amsterdam and explore Amsterdam for three days and do a day trip to Haarlem? I also can’t decide on the other day trips. I was thinking either and a day trip to Delft and The Hague combo, Maastricht, Utrecht, or Edam


Should we keep our hotel room in Bruges and explore Bruges for two days and do day trips to Brussels, Antwerp, and Gent.

Any advice or ideas would be helpful. Is this schedule do able? Should we stay in Amsterdam and do day trips to Belgium? Travel tips in Belgium and Netherlands? What order should we visit the above places? I would like to spend less time traveling if possible. Are there other “must see” places we should see in addition to or in place off the above listed? We can add an extra day if needed. Could we see Brussels before the flight departs (if we have a late departure)? If so, what should we add to the itinerary?

Posted by Tom
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Perhaps you should spell out your proposed itinerary exactly. Then we could offer comments.

Here's what I would add thus far:

I wouldn't do Delft and Den Hague as a daytrop from the Amsterdam, as you could easily spend an entire day in either one. Perhaps consider staying in one for 1-2 nights.

Ghent and Antwerp could be daytrips from Bruges. Ghent is very close (on a clear day, you can see it from the Belfort in Bruges), Antwerp not much further.

Utrecht- I'll be there on Tuesday...PM me after then if you want a report.

"Could we see Brussels before the flight departs (if we have a late departure)?" Depends on what you wanted to see in Brussels. It seems that most tourists visit the Grand Place and Mannekin Pis and assume there is nothing else in Brussels. I would strongly disagree, but how much time you need for Brussels depends on what you want to do. Brussels takes a little more time to investigate and explore to fully enjoy it.